but remember when this happened heheh

this is a very nice blog :D



i completely love your blog 💕


thank you!!! this means so much to me

you are amazing


hi hello you’re perfect

Hello, I randomly found your art posts and want to say that I absolutely **LOVE** everything you've posted. It is so emotional are expresses the depth of the soul. It is so beautiful. I am a man who has completely shut down his emotions in life and have been trying to figure out why my life has become so emotionless...Duh. The things you've written have sparked an awakening in me. Thank you. I wish you love and peace! <3


thank you so much!!!! this is so sweet. it makes me so happy to hear that you like what i make. i’m so glad that something i’ve done has reached you and has been able to help you in a way! emotions are often scary but still very beautiful and i hope they re-enter your life in a healthy and beneficial way. good luck with everything and feel free to message me any time and let me know how things work out for you!

ladies and gentlemen we are floating in space


six selfies. tagged by crummymood 

I’m surprised that all of these pictures aren’t mirror selfies tbh.
I’m tagging 
semicoloneffess plantafireinourhearts multiplicative and tiny-dots-on-an-endless-timeline of couse ok cool

look at this cutie

Your blog is perfect, is it all yours? Cause I love it... hi! :)


i made everything but a lot of them are quotes or lyrics and some others are originals. i tag everything as if it’s lyrics or original etc though. and thank you! 

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